October 24th, 25th and 26th of 2024

ARI 2024

Refractive, Cataracts and Cornea Surgery

Welcome to the ARI 2024 encounter, a reunion place of the best national and international experts in ophthalmology.

Welcome to ARI

Profesor Jorge L. Alió

Profesor Jorge L. Alió

Ophthalmology Professor
2024 ARI’s Course Director

I want to present to you the 2024 ARI ONLINE Meeting, which pretends to be about the innovation and progress in the Refractive Cataract Surgery, and as support material of our University Online Course “Clinical Refractive, Cataract and Corneal Surgery Course”.

This forum of innovation and progress constitutes the tip of the spear of the advance in our profession.

To make this possible, every year we invite distinguished national and international experts that can contribute with their knowledge and professional vision to our medical exercise in benefit of the patients and our medical and surgical formation.

I welcome you to the ARI 2024 . We are going to direct this year’s program towards how to obtain the best anatomical, refractive and visual quality results in the different topics covered by the anterior segment subspecialty (cataract surgery, intraocular lenses, cornea and refractive surgery).


Welcome to ARI 2024!

Scientific Committee

Profesor Jorge L. Alió
Dr. Jorge L. Alió (Alicante)
Dr. Jorge Alió del Barrio
Dr. Jorge Alió del Barrio
Dr. Joaquín Fernández
Dr. Joaquín Fernández
Dra. María Gessa
Dra. María Gessa (Sevilla)
Dr. Jose Luís Güell
Dr. Jose Luís Güell (Barcelona)
Dr. Javier Maldonado
Dr. Miguel Maldonado (Valladolid)
Dr. David Piñero
Dr. David Piñero (Alicante)